Osteria La Frasca Bologna

The Osteria La Frasca Brewery Bologna via Andrea Costa 8A, a few meters from Porta Sant'Isaia, is offering 17 beers on tap, including many artisanal, 2 beers boned "hand pump" (as it is used in England), bottled beers including gluten-free beer and several dishes prepared by hand, both traditional bolognese, both typical Tavern. How to homemade burgers, chips, vegetarian and vegan dishes, Tuscan bread, wraps, sandwiches, handmade fresh egg pasta, bolognese cutlet, sausage and beans stew, side dishes and desserts of all kinds.

In spring and summer you can enjoy the outdoor courtyard, plus inside now has air conditioning. Monday to Friday work lunch cooked by the Chef Fabio. Thursday evening as specialty shows our unfiltered raw beer served on tap. On Saturday, special menu with tigelle and crescentine handmade and cooked at the time, the "sfoglina".