The story

Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 4:00 at night and Saturdays from 18:00 onwards, the kitchen is always open. Are possible with traditional craft beer and tasty and can be enjoyed in the courtyard outside.


The presence at port Sant'Isaia Bologna coach station which connected with Castiglione dei Pepoli and other mountain resorts of the province, stimulated the initiative of Maria Farrell that in 1940 he opened a coffee Tavern at number 8 in via Duca D'Aosta, (now Andrea Costa) using part of his house, the garden and the scale for local access. In a few years the work grew to such an extent that he could no longer be addressed by a single person.

In 1948 so Maria Farrell decided to assign the task to Gianni Muzzarelli, attentive to new tastes of customers, endowed the billiard, Foosball and Pinball, an electronic game precursor of today's video games giving rise to a new and more modern generation.

In 1954, since February, the management passes to Peter Salonga who will keep it for 26 years, until March of 1980, devoting much of his life to this local historian and accompanying him in the present era.

From March 15, 1980 will be Alberto Tolomelli and First Berti to take over the financial year, and turn it into Osteria-Enoteca with a new name "Frasca" evoking the teaches that the Austrian Vintners hanging on the door of their farms ("Heurige") when it is ready the taste of new wine.

From June 13, 1985 Gabriele Barsanti, former local rugby player, will succeed in managing and maintaining the trattoria transforms the old Tavern in Brewery, creating an environment where young and old, are a meeting place is still very present in the memory of those people, thus founding the bases for the burgeoning success of years that followed.

Then James will have Z and Cynthia Gass to take over the management in November 2001, increasing the offer of imported beers, confirming the indisputable point of reference for local aficionados of blonde drink.

In August 2006 the management goes to Stefano Orlandi, who from 8 September of that year, creates a new combination of old and new by combining dishes from typical bolognese a jovial and full of vitality that, mixed with numerous traditional beers and artisan quality, makes the Osteria "Frasca" as we know it today.

Best brothers in June 2015, formerly belonging to the "big family" of friends and of the mythical Rim, Frasca, take over trying to keep the philosophy he traced: "enjoy the ride" and trying to further improve the quality of the environment and the products offered (such as 2 new avenues of beer "pump" and new outside tables), all seasoned with a great sympathy , want to have fun and feel good together. In fact The Frasca, before being historical brewery and tavern is a place clean and friendly; for choice there are no televisions but just people. In fact there are often some "characters" more or less dances, but all honest and cheerful, always ready to chat with anyone you wish.